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Hi everyone!


I am Rose Hansen, and I am co-owner of House of Sharp, with my better half, Ernest Sharp. We like long walks on the beach…

Oh shoot! Wrong blog…

Actually, we are metal fabricators based out of Wichita, Kansas and our passion and livelihood is to take your metal idea (pun intended) and make it a cold-hard thing of reality. From small, custom-fabricated parts to 10 foot pieces of art, we learn your needs and vision, and built it for you.

Now how does one get into metal fabrication?

Well, I’m glad you asked. You’re in luck, because I’ve devoted the rest of this post to give you a little backstory on us, and most importantly, how it applies to you.

Let’s start with founder, Ernest Sharp. Ernest, our co-owner (and better half I mentioned earlier) is a “product-person”. You’ve all heard of a people-person, but I’m sure all of you know a “product-person” as well. It’s the person that can take things apart and put them back together without breaking it and losing pieces. It’s the person to which you can point to a random object, and they can tell how it’s made. It’s the person that is naturally good at pretty much everything because they understood the mechanics of it before the rest. I kid you not, he was riding his bike without training wheels at 3 because, according to his parents, “just figured out how it worked faster”. He was flipping cars in high school, and building CNC a plasma table in the basement of our rental while taking college classes before he was 23. Today, he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, spends more time in garage than house, and is constantly educating himself on how to create new impressive things.

Now about me… I’ve been an artist my whole life. It started out with crayon drawings getting into children’s magazines, and being labeled the “girl that always wins the art contest” in elementary school to becoming a freelance artist in high school when people started randomly asking if I could draw, paint, or design something for them. I took design courses in college and was quickly on my way to becoming a graphic design junkie. I didn’t care so much on how it was made, I just wanted it to look cool. However, coming from an unwealthy upbringing, I learned to “DIY” EVERYTHING. Wanted something nice? I needed to build it, refurbish it, or figure out a creative way to make something else work in its place. I learned to woodwork, weld, paint, sew, modify, refinish and fix. With an eye for all things artistic, after seeing Ernest’s insane ability to make real, functional, quality items, I was set on helping.

Together, we at House of Sharp, bring something unique to the table. Not only will your product be designing with functionality in mind, it will be tediously finished. Your product will be designed and created by an artist AND engineer.

We thank you again, for being a part of our journey, and feel free to reach out if you have something you would like created!

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